Hello! Welcome to Play for Plenty's website. My name is Dorothy Junginger, and I started Play for Plenty in the spring of 2020 to raise money for the Food Bank of Iowa through music, since I love playing the viola.

Play for Plenty is a virtual benefit concert series that recruits musicians in the community and the surrounding area to share their music to raise money for the Food Bank of Iowa. Here you can find our virtual concerts, including solos, duets, and quartets and enjoy some beautiful music. We hope you become inspired to help us give back to the community by donating to the Food Bank through our organization at this link:


Play for Plenty will continue to post video collaboration concerts, so be sure to check in throughout the year as we recruit more musicians--and help us reach a wider audience by sharing with your friends!

Special thanks to the artist @peachesntea_ on instagram for wonderfully digitizing our logo, and to all the musicians who participated:

Hannah Jeong

Danielle Yoon

Mary Pshonik

Amina Knapp

Lanie Anthan

Dr. Sherida Josephson

Maxwell Fairman

Keyah Kosgei-Winfrey

Kristin He

Elaine Wang

Ryan Staub

Rachel Li

Carrie Abeling